The final perspective to see your business – is to see your team. We all know emerging leaders who go above and beyond the call of duty are the most valuable and appreciable asset. If you don’t step back and really look at your teammates, you are in danger of missing huge opportunities to grow. You need to be building succession plans for growth not just for insurance.

The problem is that many of us see those succession plans as a just in case plan rather than a strategic growth plan. The only way you can grow is to have fellow leaders take on new work, learn new skills and gain new knowledge which frees you to do the same. When you are looking at your teammates, you need to be thinking about who can grow into the role and lead the organization into a new territory.

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The fourth perspective we must see is critical. In order for businesses to perform at peak levels, those of us who are leading and doing the work of the business must operate at peak levels. As we look at our current reality, our long term vision and then our midrange strategic plans, each of us need to know what we as individuals need to do in the year ahead in order to execute the strategic plan. Read the rest of this entry »


Midrange Strategy

October 16th, 2014

First I listed 5 Perspectives Every Leader Must See which began with – Current Reality, and then I touched on the importance of Long-Term Vision. As important as these first two perspectives are, they inadvertently create a Gap of Opportunity. This gap between today and some distant time in the future are where Midrange Strategy, planning and goal setting come into play.

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Leaders Must See it First

October 3rd, 2014

Vision, vision, vision, vision, vision!

I am sure many of you are sick of reading about this less than concrete leadership mandate, but I am absolutely convinced that too many of you are not reaching your full leadership potential because you don’t have the clarity needed or have lost sight of what is most important.

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Many of you have heard me coach that all leaders must have what I call ‘bifocal vision’. I have to admit that this is not enough. What I have observed as the CEO of Building Champions, Inc. as well as from the thousands of coaching engagements we have had with brilliant leaders over the past two decades, is that the best leaders see their businesses from five different perspectives.

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