5 Things Leadership Does – Sharing Vision


Note: This post is the first in a five-part series looking at 5 things leadership does.

Being a leader is about more than just a title or a position. Great leaders know that leadership is a verb. They put their thoughts and ideas in motion by taking action to truly motivate, inspire and lead their people, allowing them to get the best from those around them.

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Over the next few weeks, I will dive deeper into each of the five here in my blog. I will start each post off with a question. If you answer yes, then there is really no need for you to read any further. But if you respond with a no, then the post should help.

Here’s this week’s question: Are you sharing your vision with the regularity that your plan calls for?

Now this of course assumes that you have a plan in place for how you go about sharing and planning from your vision. Too many leaders make the huge investment of time to create their visions and then they may share what they see once – but that is it.

Often times when you see an organization that is accomplishing great results, has extraordinary culture, engaged and tenured teammates, you will see a leader who is sharing and planning from the vision all of the time.

Here are some ways I’ve seen leaders consistently and effectively share their vision.

  1. Share a portion of your vision in your weekly team meetings.
  2. Share your vision at the beginning of each strategic planning meeting.
  3. Share an appropriate part of your vision when conducting one-on-one meetings with your direct reports.
  4. Share it will all potential new hires to see if it resonates with them.
  5. Read it all at corporate celebrations or a portion of it at larger team meetings.
  6. Read it weekly yourself to ensure that you are not getting off track or losing steam but instead are laser focused on where you are leading your team and the why behind the plans the organization is executing.

There is room to improve with all of us. Pick one of the six above tips and own it. You and your team will reach new heights if you do.

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