Finding Those Who Have IT


It is good to be back in the office today after a huge week in Sunriver. Some of you might know that we just finished The Building Champions Experience, which is the real crown jewel event for our company.  It consists of four days of business and life coaching with over 225 attendees, and it‘s a ton of fun for our team!

During the Experience, there are main-stage lessons and small breakout sessions on topics ranging from life planning to exceptional customer service to best practices for strategic thinking. With this wide range of topics, there was one question I was asked more than any other during the week, and it is the basis for this post.

“How have you assembled such an amazing team of caring and incredibly talented people?”

I know why they asked this question. Given the chance to see our team in action, as they did during the Experience, it becomes obvious that most of them have talents and skills that exceed my own.

Over the years, I have found that when you’re looking to add new people to your team, they either have IT or they don’t. What is IT? Here is a series of questions that have really helped me to find IT people.

  • • Are they really passionate about the products or services you offer? They have to really dig IT!
  • • Would they build IT, sell IT, account for IT, systematize IT, or do IT for free? If so, figure out how to pay them well for doing IT.
  • • Do they want to serve others on the team in order to make IT awesome? They must want IT to be done more than they want recognition.
  • • Are they willing to fight for IT? They have deep convictions about how IT makes businesses, people or the world better.
  • • Is there more to them than just IT? Hire people who are well rounded and place a high value on people and interests outside of the IT factory or office.
  • • Do they have fun in life? If they do, they will bring more energy to work, and will do IT better.
  • • Do they want to be the best at IT? Hire lifelong learners who are humble enough to admit they will never have IT truly mastered.
  • • Do they want to share IT? If they don’t want to tell their friends and family about IT, they don’t really believe in IT.
  • • Do they keep pursuing you because they want to play their role in making IT happen? Hire those who know that great things are worth pursuing relentlessly over time.
  • I hope this helps you to build and grow your own talented team.

    Do you get IT?

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