Finding Those Who Have IT


It is good to be back in the office today after a huge week in Sun­river. Some of you might know that we just fin­ished The Build­ing Cham­pi­ons Expe­ri­ence, which is the real crown jewel event for our com­pany.  It con­sists of four days of busi­ness and life coach­ing with over 225 atten­dees, and it‘s a ton of fun for our team!

Dur­ing the Expe­ri­ence, there are main-stage lessons and small break­out ses­sions on top­ics rang­ing from life plan­ning to excep­tional cus­tomer ser­vice to best prac­tices for strate­gic think­ing. With this wide range of top­ics, there was one ques­tion I was asked more than any other dur­ing the week, and it is the basis for this post.

“How have you assem­bled such an amaz­ing team of car­ing and incred­i­bly tal­ented people?”

I know why they asked this ques­tion. Given the chance to see our team in action, as they did dur­ing the Expe­ri­ence, it becomes obvi­ous that most of them have tal­ents and skills that exceed my own.

Over the years, I have found that when you’re look­ing to add new peo­ple to your team, they either have IT or they don’t. What is IT? Here is a series of ques­tions that have really helped me to find IT people.

  • • Are they really pas­sion­ate about the prod­ucts or ser­vices you offer? They have to really dig IT!
  • • Would they build IT, sell IT, account for IT, sys­tem­atize IT, or do IT for free? If so, fig­ure out how to pay them well for doing IT.
  • • Do they want to serve oth­ers on the team in order to make IT awe­some? They must want IT to be done more than they want recognition.
  • • Are they will­ing to fight for IT? They have deep con­vic­tions about how IT makes busi­nesses, peo­ple or the world better.
  • • Is there more to them than just IT? Hire peo­ple who are well rounded and place a high value on peo­ple and inter­ests out­side of the IT fac­tory or office.
  • • Do they have fun in life? If they do, they will bring more energy to work, and will do IT better.
  • • Do they want to be the best at IT? Hire life­long learn­ers who are hum­ble enough to admit they will never have IT truly mastered.
  • • Do they want to share IT? If they don’t want to tell their friends and fam­ily about IT, they don’t really believe in IT.
  • • Do they keep pur­su­ing you because they want to play their role in mak­ing IT hap­pen? Hire those who know that great things are worth pur­su­ing relent­lessly over time.
  • I hope this helps you to build and grow your own tal­ented team.

    Do you get IT?

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(9 Responses to “Finding Those Who Have IT”)

  1. Dan Foster says:

    Coach, this is a chal­leng­ing and great post for a cou­ple of rea­sons. First, you can’t read the post with­out reflect­ing and pon­der­ing your own sit­u­a­tion in life and busi­ness and ask­ing your­self these chal­leng­ing ques­tions. Sec­ond, it requires you to exam­ine your answers and either take action and go after what you are truly pas­sion­ate about and find peo­ple that share that IT fac­tor, or you resign your­self to medi­oc­rity and com­pla­cency in life.

    I’m com­mit­ted to reflect­ing and tak­ing action. No more life in the mid­dle for me.

    Make it a great day! — Dan

  2. raymondo says:

    I just fin­ished up my blog writ­ing this week.…which was writ­ten due to this blog on Find­ing IT.

    Your blog post made me think of the fol­low­ing per­spec­tive on the “IT” factor.…

    A self-disciplined employee will have the patience to con­duct rou­tine busi­ness rou­tinely, the tal­ent to respond excep­tion­ally to excep­tional cir­cum­stances, and the wis­dom to know the dif­fer­ence.
    – Richard Bran­son, founder of The Vir­gin group of companies,

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  4. Nathan Buchanan says:

    It strikes me how many peo­ple we see on a daily basis that don’t have IT, or even a lit­tle piece of IT.

  5. This is a won­der­full Post Could I use some mate­r­ial for my own jour­nal if you dont mind?

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